Different Ways Testosterone Levels Impact Libido In Men

Testosterone is a hormone that is naturally produced by the human body. In men, it is primarily produced by the testicles. It can have a significant effect on a man’s appearance and sexual development by controlling a man’s sex drive or libido. Along with this, it can also help to maximize muscle mass and build bone density. Typically, this hormone is produced less and less with age. Once you hit around 60 years of age, this hormone drops significantly. Low testosterone levels can affect men in a variety of different ways. Below, we will be going over some of the different ways this kind of hormone can impact a male’s libido.

How Testosterone Levels Impact Libido:

1. Lowered Sex Drive

One of the biggest ways low testosterone levels can affect men is by reducing their sex drive. A lot of men notice a decreased desire to have sex once they hit a certain age. This is primarily because their body stops producing normal or high levels of testosterone. Thus, they end up having a very decreased sex drive as a direct result.

2. Difficulty With Erection

Another way that low testosterone levels impact libido is by causing a male to have difficulty getting an erection. Because testosterone is something that stimulates a man’s sex drive, it is something that also aids in the ability to sustain an erection. While it is not the sole cause of an erection, it is something that helps produce nitric oxide in the body which triggers an erection in the first place. When a man has low testosterone levels, they are likely to have a much more difficult time getting and sustaining any erection. With that being said, testosterone is only one of many different factors that can aid in erections. Therefore, it is not necessarily going to cause this kind of problem.

3. Hair Loss

Because testosterone plays a significant function in a lot of different body functions, it is typically for someone that is experiencing a sudden decrease in testosterone to lose hair. Testosterone stimulates hair production. Therefore, a loss of this hormone is likely to correlate with a loss of hair production. This includes both body and facial hair as well.

4. Fatigue

Another common symptom of this kind of lowered testosterone production is severe fatigue. Men that have reduced testosterone levels have reported having a significant decrease in energy levels. If you are someone that is completely wiped and tired all of the time, you might be dealing with testosterone production problems.

Overall, there are a lot of different ways that lower testosterone can affect you. Not only can it decrease your libido or sex drive, but it can make it very difficult to get and sustain an erection. Along with this, you will likely notice lower energy levels and possibly even a decrease in hair production whether on your head, body, or face.

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